10 Homes Inspired By Space Ships


Ever since man saw birds fly, he’s wanted to.  Ever since he read about scifi fantasies like space ships, he’s wanted to go into space.  Ever since a few people have seen those same ships, they’ve modeled their houses after them.  This is a collection of those houses.

Carlisle, Ohio

You know, it kinda looks like boobs too

Yucca, Arizona

We're safe. No self-respecting homeowner would blow up the planet that home was on... Even if it IS the Death Star

Chattanooga, Tennessee

"My other car is my home. Oh, and it's a freaking SPACESHIP"

Pensacola, Florida

House on the beach? Psh, I have a SPACESHIP on the beach

Sanzhi, Taiwan

Currently scheduled for demolition, or more likely, embarkation.

Denver, Colorado

I'm pretty sure the Masterchief captured this place

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Forget DARPA's flying submarine, it looks like New Mexico already has a Space Sub

Santa Monica, California

I hate it when I land my house into the side of a hill

Can’t-Pronounce-Or-Even-Spell-it, Russia

I'm going to go ahead and classify this as an escape pod house


Built (flown in) by Solaleya Domes, a company in France

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