This Week’s Comics – 7/28/10


We’re fanboys and a such love comics. Some people choose sides, Marvel or DC, while others stay neutral and remain “indie”. We recognize that people love comics as much as us, so we’re going to try to keep you up to date with the big things going on in comics each week, and end the week with reviews of some of that week’s releases.

This week sees some big hitters on the DC side, and a couple important releases from Marvel; including the conclusion of a Wolverine series. Below is just some of the highlights of this week:


Action Comics #891 – Lex Luthor wants the power of the Orange Lantern back.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #4 – No matter how nuts you may think Grant Morrison’s Batman run has been; this one is a very cool sounding crazy – Batman in the old west!

Green Arrow #2 – Hal Jordan guest stars.

Green Lantern #56 – Hector Hammond escapes prison and Hal Jordan investigates who took Parallax.

Green Lantern Corps #50 – Cyborg Superman is back! This one will be awesome.

JLA #47 – The JLA/JSA team up to deal with Alan Scott

Wonder Woman #601 – JMS continues his run on Wonder Woman after the megaton of a costume change in the previous issue. With JMS on Supes and Diana; things may be looking up for DC.


Secret Avengers #3 – Brubaker takes the heroes to MARS!

Wolverine Origins #50 – The final issue of the series.

Thor #612 – Thor goes to Hell!

Fantastic Four #581 – Nathan Richards returns. And travels back in time. Oh that sounds fun!

Look for reviews of some of the bigger books this week on Friday.


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