New Ghostbusters 3 spoilers!

The New Ghostbusters movie has been chugging along nicely on its way to production, and now Bloody Disgusting is reporting that an inside source has revealed several very important plot points of the film…


Sure, we have all already heard from the powers that be that Ghostbusters 3 will be a ‘passing of the torch movie’, with Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson returning to reprise their roles as the boys in gray, who decide to recruit a new generation of paranormal exterminators.

An inside source is now saying that one of the new team will come in the form of Dana Barrett’s son Oscar from GB2, who will be revealed to be Venkman’s secret love child after all.

(As a long time Ghostbusters fan, I’ve always kind of suspected as much…)

The inside source also goes on to say that Rick Moranis has been coaxed out of retirement to reprise his role as Louis Tully for the new film. I have to admit I’m of two minds about this news… Moranis was great as the mousey next door neighbor in the first film, but I maintain that his over the top campy role in GB2 was one of the main things that went horribly wrong with the second movie. I can’t imagine what he would be doing by the time the third movie rolls around.

Talk about Ghostbusters 3 only got serious after the success of the recent Ghostbusters video game, which incorporated many of the elements from the first movie into it’s story. If these spoilers are true, I find it interesting that they’re choosing to use so many elements from the second movie instead as a springboard for the third movie…

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