Planetside: Universe gets Reaver exclusive


With the recent hype circulated around the sequel to the massively unique MMOFPS, Planetside, fansite Planetside: Universe were priveleged with an exclusive still of the new Planetside: Next design for the Reaver.  It looks spectacular is all I can say. But the high quality of the image could hint towards cinematic quality than what we’ll see in actual gameplay. Either way, prepare to gawk.

In the thread available on PSU Smedley himself posted with a few tidbits of information, saying the following:

“These are not your daddy’s toys. They have a whole new physics and feel to them that will require skilled pilots and will absolutely separate the men from the boys in the cockpit. We’ve put a lot of time and energy into how things feel in this game.”

There’s a lot of speculation about this new Reaver design, chiefly that there seems to be two seats.  Perhaps the challenge of flight will actually be such that you need a whole other person to concentrate on the gunning side of things.  Either way, if this is the case, it’s excellent to see a great emphasis will remain on the teamwork aspect of Planetside.

In case you’ve missed the other recent news you can also see renders of a Vanguard and Galaxy on the PSU website, as well as the Facebook group. Hands up, who’s excited?


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