Friday Fanboy Debate: Thor vs. Superman

Time for another Firday night debate. With Superman in the news recently due to all the casting announcements from Man of Steel, and Thor rapidly approaching his big screen debut we wondered what would happen if these two fought it out. Both actually have comparable powers, so it could be an interesting fight.


  • Has near-invulnerability.
  • Can track objects travelling faster than light and hear cries from the other side of the planet.
  • Can travel in time.
  • Can harness the power of natural weather and limited control of Earth.
  • Able to fly supersonic speeds on Earth and fly faster than light in space (using Mjolnir)
  • Has the ability to regenerate limbs.
  • Uses Golden Apples to restore his power.


  • Has near invulnerability.
  • Can fly supersonic speeds on Earth and space.
  • Heat vision.
  • Ice breath.
  • Super hearing and can hear as well as Thor.
  • Needs the yellow sun of Earth to replenish his power.


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