6 Things to Know About Thor Before Seeing the Movie

Thor hits theaters two weeks from today, and it’s already out in some international territories. So to prepare you for Thor’s big screen debut, we decided to run down a couple things about both the movie and Thor that those unfamiliar with the God of Thunder may not know.

Who’s Donald Blake?

For just about Thor’s entire history in the comics, he had a doctor alter-ego on Earth named Donald Blake. That does not exist in the movie. When Thor is sent to Midgard (Earth), he’s just a de-powered Thor without his hammer. Long-time readers of the Thor comics may or may not be disappointed with the lack of Donald Blake in the movie, but word is it works for the film.

The 60-Second Rule is No More

Since there is no Donald Blake, it’s only natural that the dumb “60 Second Rule” doesn’t exist. In the older comics, if Thor let go of his hammer for more than a minute; he’d transform back into Donald Blake. That’d look pretty stupid in a movie, so thankfully it’s not an issue anymore.

J Michael Stracynzki

Best known for creating Babylon 5, J Michael Stracynski is also a big comic book writer. He’s had great stints on Spider-Man, Superman, a short one on Wonder Woman, but his relaunch of Thor a few years ago is regarded as pretty damn awesome. What does that have to do with the movie? JMS has a co-credit on the story, which may be one reason why the movie is getting such great reviews. The only thing that would have been better would be Walter Simonson being involved, but word is he does have a cameo…

The Nine Realms

Long ago, Marvel said that they had hoped to make Thor their “Lord of the Rings” in an adventure that spans the Nine Realms. The Nine Realms are derived from Norse Mythology and are the homes to humans, gods, giants, elves, the dead, etc. In the movie we see Midgard (humans), Asgard (gods), and Jotunheim (giants). That’s three of the Nine, but we do see Heimdall’s Observatory; which does open up the possibility of other realms being seen in the sequel.

The Warriors Three

Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg. Those unfamiliar with Thor may not recognize those names, but they have been an important part of the comics for decades. They’re like Thor’s fighting and drinking buddies; and they do definitely appear in the movie. It just wouldn’t be Thor without these guys kicking ass behind him, so keep an eye out in the movie for them as hopefully they’ll return in the sequel.

Thor’s Comic Roots

Thor is one of the oldest Marvel comics, having appeared first in Journey into Mystery #83. The tone of the books have changed over the years with Stan Lee, his brother, and Jack Kirby guiding Thor through his earliest years and eventually leading into Walter Simonson’s legendary run. Simonson’s time with Thor is considered to be one of the greatest runs on any comic in history. He invented Beta Ray Bill, turned Thor into a frog, and took the character to all new heights of awesomeness. In recent years, J. Michael Stracynski relaunched Thor to great success with Olivier Coipel’s art becoming a new fan favorite.

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