Fear Itself #2 Review


Marvel’s major 2011 crossover continues this month with the second (of seven) installments in the main series. While the previous issue set the stage with Sin gaining Skadi’s hammer and the Asgardians abandoning Earth; issue 2 gives us a peek at just how epic and destructive Marvel intends this event to be.

The issue picks up immediately following the first one with Odin and gang arriving at what’s left of Asgard with Thor in chains. Thor and the Warriors Three can’t fathom leaving Earth and they state that they will stand with the humans, while Odin declares that Asgard will raze Earth once and for all to prevent the evil that is festering there from expanding. So you can imagine that Thor and pals will be stuck between the forces of Skadi on Earth and the looming and devastating threat of the Asgardian war machine.

On Earth, eight hammers fall from the sky and are claimed by heroes (Hulk) and villains (Juggernaut), which turns them into minions of Skadi and instruments of her and the Serpent’s war on Earth. Things escalate pretty quickly. Washington D.C. is pretty much wiped out, and the Avengers are no where to be seen. If the first issue ended with a feeling of doom for what’s coming, that doom was on display at the end of this second issue.

Marvel seems to be escalating things pretty quickly with Fear Itself, and so far it looks to be an epic crossover the likes of which the Marvel Universe hasn’t seen in more than a decade.


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