Darabont Leaves The Walking Dead?


According to Deadline Frank Darabont has stepped down as the showrunner on The Walking Dead.  A recently as last week he has been promoting the show, attending Comic-Con with the cast and producers.   The article claims that talks are underway to keep Darabont on in some capacity.  At the end of 2010 he caused an uproar when he fired all of the writers from Season 1 in an effort to go freelance, which he believed would ease some of his workload (coming from film, the transition to television was reportedly more strenuous than he was expecting), though he ultimately went back with the traditional writers room.  His second-in-command is Glen Mazzara, the failed showrunner of Starz’ Crash during its first season.  If this news is true then hopefully they go with someone other than Mazzara.  What this means for Gale Ann Hurd’s involvement in the series from here on out and, more importantly, Robert Kirkman’s, is still unknown.  The second season is scheduled to debut on October 16.



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