TOR Begins the Day Galaxies Dies


BioWare has finally revealed the details of The Old Republic’s Early Access program for pre-orders, and Star Wars fans have a difficult choice to make. According to BioWare, the Early Access will begin five days before the game’s December 20th release date. That means that if you claimed your pre-order key rather early, you’ll be able to play The Old Republic as early as December 15th.

There’s just one small problem with that. December 15th is the day that Star Wars Galaxies shuts down, and promises something of an awesome end-of-game event. The wrap up events that SWG have been holding the last few weeks have apparently been pretty awesome, so it’s going to be difficult for fans to miss the final day. Do you skip the end of Galaxies to be the first on TOR? Or do you wait one more day to play it just to say goodbye to an old favorite?

I was there to see the servers come online for SWG’s launch back in 2003, and I kind of wanted to login one last time on December 15th to see them go offline for good…so I’m undecided how I’ll handle this choice as of right now.


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