Microsoft Announces Xbox One Without Kinect for $399

xbox oneMany people who watched this past November’s console launches from the sidelines were waiting to see if Microsoft would release an Xbox One without the Kinect sensor. Some people didn’t want a camera watching them at all times, and most believed the bulky device contributed to the Xbox One’s $100 price premium over the more-powerful PlayStation 4.

Today Microsoft has finally caved in and announced a $399 Kinect-less Xbox One SKU that will go on sale on June 9th, right when E3 is kicking off in Los Angeles. I guess MS will talk up the new SKU at their E3 Media Briefing, and then announce that it’s available in stores now (and maybe even hand out systems to the crowd).

In addition to the new Xbox One SKU, Microsoft has finally entered the 21st Century and decided to remove the Xbox One paywall from streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go. Just like every single other device on the planet that can run those services, you’ll now no longer be required to pay Microsoft $60 a year to access your $8 a month Netflix account.

They will also be extending the Games With Gold program to the Xbox One in June, beginning with “Max: The Curse of Brotherhood” and “Halo: Spartan Assault.”

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