Are Sith Inquisitors the Main Threat in Star Wars Episode VII?


Sith Inquisitor Episode VII

There are a lot of crazy rumors floating around about what Star Wars Episode VII is about, or in the case of most of them, what it’s not about.

Despite all of that confusion, there are some things we have been able to learn. This has all been discussed on the latest episode of Now, This is Podcasting with, so if you listen to that it’ll be familiar. We don’t have all of the details, but we know what the villains may be and the current state of the galaxy in Star Wars Episode VII.

This information is rumor, however it comes from multiple sources at Pinewood. These are the things that people in various departments at the studio have been hearing. They haven’t read the script. This is what they are talking about based on what they see happening around them.

There is apparently more than one villain, and they are Inquisitors much like the one in Star Wars Rebels. The name “Jedi Hunter” is what the sources called them as they weren’t familiar with the Inquisitor concept from Rebels at the time. These Inquisitors hunt Jedi, want to resurrect the Sith, and Luke has fought against them for years but at the time of Episode VII they’ve grown in number and he’s only become older and can’t fight them off alone anymore.

The Inquisitors aren’t fully Sith. They’re acolytes for a big bad. Much like the Inquisitor in Rebels or even Grievous in the Prequels. They have some Sith-like skills (lightsabers, etc.) but will never be full Sith and both them and the big bad they are working for know that.

This is all in a galaxy where the Empire wasn’t fully defeated at the end of Return of the Jedi. So at the start of the Sequel Trilogy you have a galaxy that’s suffered years of war and Jedi who are hunted by Inquisitors.

Who will be these Inquisitors? It’s already been said that Adam Driver is a villain, and it’s believed that Lupita Nyong’o is as well…complete with yellow contacts. No, she’s not Asajj Ventress. It’s also suspected that Adam Driver does have some connection to the Big 3 and that at some point during the past thirty years of war he turned evil as a means to an end in the belief that it could end the conflict.

While all of this could be considered rumor, it was sourced from multiple sources which made it reliable enough to discuss on Now, This is Podcasting. We’re not in the business of making up bogus Star Wars “scoops” just for clicks. We hate seeing false Star Wars rumors get spread around and believed to be true (like the Prequels retcon), so we wouldn’t put something up that we weren’t confident is close to what’s actually happening based on reliable sources.


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