What\’s the Superman Statue for in Batman V Superman?


Batman/Superman StatueLast week, spy photos emerged from the set of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice that showed a giant Superman statue being erected near a large green screen. Many speculated that this could be some kind of monument to those who died in Metropolis, and now that seems to be confirmed.

Batman-News has found out the purpose of the statue and what was filmed there:

The statue was built to celebrate Superman saving the Earth in the first movie — Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice takes place about two years after the events of Man of Steel. Gotham and Metropolis news trucks and helicopters were on the scene to cover the Mayor’s speech and the statue unveiling. Elementary school kids wore “Superman Survivors” shirts and helped pull a sheet off the statue for the big reveal. They also released real doves to celebrate statue unveiling.

The reason the statue looks incomplete is because the rest of it will be filled in with CG in post-production.


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