The Episode VII Filmmakers Almost Forgot The Falcon\’s Dice


Millennium Falcon DiceAnyone who is a long-time fan of Star Wars knows that there is a pair of gold dice in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. The very first time we ever see the cockpit of the hunk of junk, Chewie bumps his head against the dice and makes them spin. It’s right there in A New Hope, and the dice were a constant fixture of the Falcon’s cockpit throughout the Original Trilogy.

Apparently JJ Abrams and crew weren’t aware of this piece of the set when their rebuilt the ship for Star Wars Episode VII, as the Metro in the UK reports there was a mad dash to find a pair of the gold dice after filming began:

Days into shooting for JJ Abrams seventh film in the franchise, a member of the crew noticed that the accessory was missing from the Millennium Falcon set.

The dice don’t feature prominently in Star Wars films, but producers were apparently keen to keep them in the movie.

Pinewood Studios’ art department scouted around on eBay and managed to find a similar pair for £22.

It’s a good thing a real Star Wars fan caught this oversight, otherwise fans would never let JJ Abrams live this down. Sure, it’s just a small pair of gold dice, but it’s a memorable little bit of character to the Millennium Falcon.


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