5 Reasons the DC Cinematic Universe is Exciting


Batman V Superman Logo

Ever since the proposed DC Cinematic Universe line-up through 2018 has leaked there’s been some pretty scathing negativity online. Most people are comparing it to Marvel, going on message boards and complaining that they’re doing it the exact opposite of how Marvel did things, and naturally (in their minds) this will never work. Of course just as they were wrong about Batfleck, these complainers will probably be wrong again and right there in line at every midnight showing.

Here are five reasons why DC’s Cinematic Universe is something to be excited about:

DC Owns All of Their Characters

DC Comics Characters

Unlike Marvel, who sold off some major characters to Fox and Sony in the 90s when they were facing bankruptcy, DC/Warner owns their entire stable of characters. That means they don’t have to tip-toe around words the way Marvel does with “mutants” in their Cinematic Universe, and it gives all of the movies unlimited freedom as to what elements they can pull from the comics. DC fans want to see the rich universe from the comics on the big screen, and the fact that DC still owns every one of their characters means they don’t have to worry about something being left out due to film rights and studio politics.


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