Marvel\’s \”Thundering\” Announcement: A Woman Will Wield Mjolnir

Female Thor
The artwork debuted on The View of the female Thor.

As teased yesterday, Marvel made an announcement of a new title this morning on The View and it’s about what some expected. It’s not the solo Storm title that releases next week, rather it’s about Thor.

While Angela wasn’t named in the announcement, it was revealed that the Odinson is no longer worthy of wielding Mjolnir. Instead an unnamed woman character will take possession of the Uru Hammer shortly.

Most people are speculating that it will be Angela as she was recently revealed to be Thor’s sister. However the artwork showed the female Thor with blonde hair, while Angela is a redhead.

Obviously this storyline will be short lived, as Marvel would want Thor to be wielding the hammer again prior to Age of Ultron hitting theaters next summer.

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