Podcast #72 – Episode 7 Spoilers, Defending The Prequels, Marvel Spoilers

obi-wan kenobi-guiness-starwars

We’ve talked about Star Wars spin-offs in the past, and now we’ve got some solid info that three of said spin-offs could be about Obi-Wan! Episode 7 is coming together quite nicely. Most of the filming is done and John Williams will start his work in 2 weeks. People say ‘Loose Lips Sink Starships’ was made up by Abrams on the set of EP7 when in reality it was a term coined back in 2003. Disney needs to stop making shitty mobile games for quick cash. We defended the prequels, and talked about spoilers here and here, with MAJOR spoiler here. In Marvel news we learned some good news about Spider-Man, speculated on Iron Man 4 – Oh Robert! Lastly, will Deadpool be PG-13 or R?

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