It\’s Official: Marvel Ending the 616 and Ultimate Comic Universes


secret-warsAs long speculated, Marvel is finally copying DC’s long-running series of “Crisis” events with their own universe ending crossover. This May’s Secret Wars event will see the mainstream “616” Marvel Universe colliding with the Ultimate Universe and causing the two to no longer exist. In their place will be Battleworld, the setting for Secret Wars.

What isn’t known yet is what will happen after Secret Wars. Will there still be mutants in the Marvel universe? What about Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four? Many people are expecting Marvel to meld their comic universes to be more compatible with what Marvel Studios is able to make on the big screen. By dumping mutants, Marvel wouldn’t be creating new characters for Fox to exploit in movies, so even though fans would be pissed off; it make sense from a business perspective.

Marvel has never rebooted their continuity before, and instead adopted a sliding timeline to keep their character origins in the present time. After DC saw insane success with the New 52 reboot in 2011, Marvel attempted to replicate that with their “Marvel NOW” yearly #1 relaunches of select books, but they still never rebooted the continuity.

This Secret Wars event could be Marvel’s answer to the New 52, if it really does hit the big reset button at the end of the event…


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