Rumor: Batfleck to Appear in Suicide Squad


batfleck-batmobileOver the last few days a lot of rumors have been coming out about Warner’s upcoming Suicide Squad movie. As it’ll be the first DC movie out after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it makes sense that we’re starting to hear things leak out as the movie is headed towards production pretty quickly.

It all started when Tom Hardy left the movie, using scheduling conflicts as a cover for what some say was a issue with the script. Latino Review described that script and how a twist involving his character may have been the issue with the script, along with the story focusing on Deadshot and Harley Quinn. As part of that story, the site said that Ben Affleck’s Batman would appear in security footage as Amanda Waller wants to capture him.

But now a Forbes contributer has said something diferrent. According to them, Batman will actually appear in the movie during the finale in order to set up a standalone Batman movie featuring the Joker as the villain.

While it would be cool to see, there’s no word on if either rumor is true. As they both conflict with each other, it could just be a thing of one blogger trying to one-up another with bigger and more sensational rumor.


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