Podcast #78 – Star Wars Spin Offs, Indiana Jones, X-Files Returns?


Today Tyler joined the podcast for the first time in a year.  We rambled about the new Star Wars movies, Batman, and everything in between.  We covered the following stories.

Oscar Nominee Set to Replace Gary Whitta on the First Star Wars Spin-Off

Could Visceral’s Star Wars Game Feature a Young Han Solo?

Star Wars Rebels: Vision of Hope Review

Marvel Will Not Be Making New ‘Legends’ Star Wars Comics

Rumor: Disney Wants Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones

Fox May Bring Back The X-Files!

Why The Ending Sucked: Lost Was Made Up As They Went Along!

Avatar 2 Delayed to 2017 and No One Cares

Fox is Working on a Live Action X-Men Series

It’s Official: Marvel Ending the 616 and Ultimate Comic Universes

Rumor: Doctor Strange Appears in Age of Ultron’s Credit Scene

Captain America and Star Lord’s Big Game Feud Will End Awesome

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