Star Wars Video Games Presence at Celebration Anaheim

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay

Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay

As of today we’re only one month away from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, and there is starting to be a lot of wild speculation as to what sort of Star Wars video games will show up at the convention.

According to the Exhibitor List, both Disney Interactive and Electronic Arts will be at Celebration. That means we’ll be seeing the mobile Star Wars games such as Star Wars: Commander there and being demoed, as well as the big budget Star Wars games from EA. The big question is what exactly is EA bringing to the show.

The big gossip is that they’ll debut Battlefront there, but until a list of panels is officially unveiled, that’s just speculation. The only thing that’s 100% confirmed from EA is Star Wars: The Old Republic. BioWare is not listed as an exhibitor, which means SWTOR will be brought by EA and we know for a fact it’s going to be there.

They’ve already scheduled an official SWTOR community event with developers present for the Saturday night of Celebration and everyone who attends gets a free in-game vehicle. They’ll likely have SWTOR demo stations in whatever type of booth EA has set up on the exhibit floor.

While it’ll make a lot of sense to wow Celebration with a debut of Battlefront gameplay, until a panel list is revealed for the Convention, it’s a little premature to say it’ll be there 100% just based on the exhibitor list. We should know for sure within the next couple weeks.


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