Detailed The Force Awakens Teaser 2 Scene Breakdown (Spoilers)

Force Awakens Spoiler


Yesterday at Star Wars Celebration, the second teaser trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens broke the internet. We’ve gone frame-by-frame through the trailer to see what it shows and have written up a scene-by-scene description of what was revealed.

Please be aware there ARE spoilers within, but we’ve tried to remain somewhat vague. For things that are later in the movie, we’ve stayed more vague while stuff from earlier is a bit more specific.

Crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku

The Force Awakens Teaser 2

If you look closely you can see Rey’s speeder from the first trailer going along the sand. This is from early in the movie when we’re first introduced to the heroine of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


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