thor_2_the_dark_worldthorEver since Jason Aaron’s excellent Thor relaunched with the female version of the character, they’ve kept the identity of the character secret. That all changes tomorrow when the new issue of Thor releases, and at the end of it we’ll finally know who’s wielding the hammer now.

Team Hellions found a scan of the final page of the issue, and it’s actually a familiar face under the helmet…just not in their normal condition. These guys actually beat the official announcement of it, which was in the NY Times. If you click through to their site you’ll see the page that shows a very frail and bald Jane Foster deciding to continue being Thor, even if it kills her.

So being Thor has given Jane Foster cancer. While some are thinking this is opening the door for Natalie Portman to take over as Thor in the movies, anyone who knows the whole crazy story about her and Thor: The Dark World knows that’s not likely to happen. Most would be shocked if she even showed up in Thor: Ragnarok.

Also, even though Marvel says this version of Thor is the status quo for now, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Odinson is wielding the hammer in the comics around the time the third Thor movie hits theaters. Marvel tends to want the comics on the shelves to at least resemble the movies in some way, that’s why there were so many Ultron specials released recently.

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