See Two Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay Videos from E3



E3 is underway in Los Angeles and we’re there on the floor today checking out some Star Wars stuff, but there are two Battlefront gameplay trailers out.

As many have feared there’s no single player in Battlefront, so you’ll be getting a pure multiplayer game for your $60. Still, it looks very impressive and the lower 40 player cap on the maps seems to make it a more intense match compared to some Battlefield modes.

We’ll be going hands on with Battlefront over the next couple days, and we’ll get a very close look to it on Thursday so expect more throughout the week of E3 2015.

The first video is the gameplay demo they showed at the EA press conference (which leaked before hand). It’s a normal game mode during the Battle of Hoth:

The second video was shown during the Sony PlayStation press conference and is the new Survival Mode on a Tatooine map:


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