Backwards Compatibility Officially Arrives on Xbox One November 12th


Xbox-One-backward-compatibilityYesterday during Microsoft’s Halo 5 countdown live stream, the company revealed that backwards compatibility will arrive on the Xbox One on November 12th. Along with the feature the new Windows 10-based operating system will also arrive that day in the form of the New Xbox One Experience. Both features have been in testing for a while with Backwards Compatibility starting back at E3 for Preview members and the New Xbox One Experience about a month or so ago.

So far Microsoft hasn’t released a list of titles that will be compatible on the Xbox One, however they have released a list of publishers who will support the feature. Thankfully it looks like every major publisher is on board, with the exception of Activision who would rather sell you a $50 remaster of Deadpool than allow Microsoft to put it up on the Xbox One for people who already own it.

The question about DLC has been answered, and all purchased DLC for compatible games will work. You just can’t buy DLC on the Xbox One for a 360 game as the emulator can’t yet emulate the Xbox 360 store. You’ll need to buy the DLC on the site or on a Xbox 360 if you want to use it on the Xbox One. That’s a minor inconvenience, but the site store works well enough if you want to get a specific piece of DLC.

What hasn’t been answered yet is how certain two-disc games that never saw a digital-only release on the 360 will work (such as Mass Effect 2). When you put an Xbox 360 game into your Xbox One, it downloads the digital version of the game from Microsoft’s servers. As Mass Effect 2 (and 3) were never released digitally on the Xbox 360, there has yet to be word on if those very popular games will work when Backwards Compatibility launches. However due to cozy relationship EA enjoys with Microsoft, they will likely find a solution to that in the future due to the demand for those games.

If you’re a member of the Xbox One Preview program you can currently play some Microsoft-published 360 games via Backwards Compatibility, including the original Mass Effect. The Xbox 360 games in Rare Replay also use this functionality, and everyone else will be able to try it out in just a couple of weeks. Bring on Red Dead Redemption!


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