eBook Scam Site Says George Miller is Producing Justice League

Alex Ross Justice League

Alex Ross Justice LeagueA notorious site that posts bogus casting information has returned, and now they have their sights set on fooling people about Justice League.

Ever since 2013 when The Force Awakens was ramping up production there’s a guy who continually posts a casting information site with completely made-up information in the hopes it will fool you into buying his eBook. He tries to get gullible people to buy his pamphlet with the promise that if you do, you’ll end up cast in a Star Wars or Marvel movie.

Now he’s doing the same for the DC movies.

Previously he housed his site on “featurefilmcasting.com”, but as people caught on to his scam he moved the site to a new URL (while keeping the same design). For a couple of years he was using “moviecastingcall.com”.

In the last few months people again have caught on to his scam and he’s now moved his site to another URL yet again. Now he’s using “acting-auditions.org” to peddle his scam.

If you see someone using that site as a source of a superhero or Star Wars movie scoop, it’s likely not true as the guy fishes rumors from around the internet to make a convincing looking casting call that’s only there to lure people into buy an eBook.

So the chances of George Miller producing Justice League are rather slim given the source of this current “scoop”.


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