Big Justice League Movie Reveal Coming Tomorrow!

DC Comics

DC Comics

We may get our first look at the Justice League in live action tomorrow, as Warner plans some kind of big reveal.

The news will hit around 9:00am Eastern (so 6:00am Pacific), but details are scarce as those members of the press invited to the set in London last week are on a strict NDA. There are many possiblities of what it could be, from behind the scenes shots of the sets, the first official group shot of the cast in costume, or even some kind of behind the scenes video to begin the hype for the movie.

It’s also kind of interesting that they’re doing it this Tuesday, as it’s only one week prior to the Digital release of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate cut. Could it be connected to that? We know the Ultimate Cut does feature one of the villains of the Justice League movie in one of the scenes that was deleted from the theatrical cut.

Whatever the reveal is, we’ll get it up for you as soon as it hits the internet so keep an eye on our Facebook page.


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