Marvel has done a very good job at being true to the comic books with the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, but now that may be changing depending on how Ego is handled in the end.

At San Diego Comic Con, Marvel revealed that Kurt Russell will be playing Star Lord’s father in Guardians of the Galaxy v2 next summer. They also revealed that his character will be Ego. In the comics Ego is a living planet, sort of like DC’s Mogo in Green Lantern. Except in the footage he wasn’t a planet, he was an energy being much like Peter’s mother described in the first movie.

Years ago, Fox was ripped a new one for turning Galactus into a cloud in the second Fantastic Four movie:


If in the end Ego isn’t really a planet, but instead just a Cocoon-style energy alien, this is something Marvel shouldn’t get a pass on. Turning a living planet into an energy being is about the same as turning a giant celestial planet-eater into a giant cloud.

I could see how they could handle this in the movie, by explaining that the energy being is just the planet Ego projecting itself in a human form. Whether or not they do that or not won’t be revealed until next May.

Hopefully they do something like that, because if they don’t then Marvel shouldn’t get a pass for something like this. They should be called out just like Fox was for the Galactus Cloud.

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