Zack Snyder Mocks Justice League Runtime Rumors


Zack Snyder

There have been a lot of stories floating around the internet about Justice League since its trailer dropped last week, with the most recent being that the film will run (an exhausting) 170 minutes. For reference, Batman v Superman was 151 minutes and Suicide Squad just 123 (even if it felt like an eternity). It would make sense that given it being the joining some of the world’s greatest heroes would take a while, plus no one has ever accused Zack Snyder of having tight, to-the-point narratives.

But speaking over everyone’s favorite tattoo’d director, he and DC producer Jon Berg shared sarcastic jabs at the 170 minute rumors, which originated on IMDb, and you can check out the exchange below. Surely there will be lots of rumors and gossip between now and November, but it’s important to take them in stride and not read into them too much, just as our Lord and Savior Zack shows us below.


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