There Have Been NO Justice League Reshoots Yet


Last week a site with a dubious reputation for the truth reported that there have been extensive reshoots for Justice League, basically re-filming the entire movie. Obviously that sounded a little crazy and while there were denials given to big Hollywood trades, we haven’t heard anything official from the filmmakers themselves.

Collider asked Producer Charles Roven about it and he shot down the rumor completely:

“The reality is we are in the midst of trying to schedule the only additional photography that we’ve been trying to schedule. We haven’t done any additional photography up to this point…Since we’ve wrapped, there’s been no additional photography. Since we’ve wrapped, what there was was motion capture, or what we call facial capture, so we did one round of facial capture, and another mini-round of facial capture. You use facial capture if you have a CG character, you do facial capture in order to give a real performance into that CG character. An example of it would be Avatar.”

So there you have it. There haven’t been massive reshoots on Justice League, especially not to the scale of reshooting the entire movie. They have pick-ups planned, like every movie does, and in the interview Roven explains they’re trying to schedule them as the people they need are making other movies at the moment.

This “Justice League reshoots the entire movie” is yet another example of some people just wanting to bash the DC movies for some stupid fanboy reason.


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