Sony Doesn\’t Want PS4 Owners to Play With Others


One of the bigger things to come out of E3 this week was the revelation that soon gamers on a PC, Xbox One, and Switch will be able to play together no matter what device they own. This is great, unless you have a PlayStation 4.

This week Microsoft announced that Minecraft will be cross-play across every device that can run it, except for Sony’s systems. This means that phones, tablets, PCs, Switches, and the Xbox One will all be able to play Minecraft together. Just this morning Rocket League, who figured out the cross-network code in the first place, revealed they too will be playable across the Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Again, no Sony.

Even bigger, we just learned that there are at least a half dozen cross-play games coming that will play friendly across the Switch, Xbox One, and PC. And every single one of these games were denied cross-play access to Sony’s PSN servers. Meaning that by the end of the year there will be nearly ten multiplayer games that will be “network agnostic” with a huge pool of players that Sony won’t allow their PS4 owners access to.

This is a growing trend and these games in the US aren’t the only ones Sony is doing it to. Dragon Quest X is out in Japan and is an online game similar to FFXIV. You can have one subscription for the PC and Wii, but if you want to play it on your Sony system they require you to get a separate subscription that costs more money than the other versions.

To be fair, many PS4 games (including Rocket League) can cross-play with the PC. But by locking out PS4 owners from playing with Xbox One and Switch gamers, they are limiting the player base for online multiplayer titles. For a company who claims they’re “#4thePlayers”, this is an extremely un-consumer friendly stance to take in a time when the barriers between online gaming are being torn down.


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