Rumor: Practical-CG Hybrid Jabba Appearing in Han Solo


Han Solo is known to have a history with the vile gangster Jabba the Hutt, so it’d make sense to show them meeting in an origin movie. That’s what it sounds like may be happening with the Han Solo movie and it’ll be a new type of Jabba we haven’t seen before.

According to The Hashtag Show Jabba the Hutt plays a pretty big part in the movie, and this time they’ll be using a combination of practical puppet effects and CGI to bring him to life in the movie.

And there’s another thing to add to this rumor. In the Star Wars comic (currently set between ANH and ESB) there was a storyline where Luke dealt with the Hutts early in the run. One was a baddie named Grakkus, and Lucasfilm came up with little legs that the huts use to move, so they’re not sloshing around like a slug all the time:


As with most things in the new canon, the comics can introduce story elements that will then appear in movies. It seems like Lucasfilm likes to foreshadow small things in this way, such as the Hammerhead Corvettes showing up in Rebels first, or the fact that Vader lives on Mustafar being hinted at there long before Rogue One.

So don’t be too surprised if Jabba the Hutt shows up in Han Solo with little legs attached to him that allow him to quickly move about.


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