Mile High Comics Leaves San Diego Comic Con After 44 Years


In what may be the final nail in the “comic” part of the convention’s name, a staple of San Diego Comic Con since 1973 is gone. Mile High Comics has announced that the 2017 convention will not see their famous giant booth full of comics.

They explain why on their website:

“What made the situation nearly impossible, however, was that foot traffic in the exhibit hall declined dramatically last year. Even at its peak on Saturday afternoon, our end of the building (which was primarily comics) was uncrowded. The San Diego Fire Marshals were partially to blame, as they put much stricter controls on the number of badge holders allowed in the building at any given time. That might not have been such a bad idea, except that it amplified the harm already being caused by the incredible proliferation of off-site events that are now being set up for upwards of eight blocks all around the convention center. When you can see GAME OF THRONES, POKEMON, and hundreds of other exhibits across from the convention hall for free, why bother going in to the hall? Many fans did not.”

Mile High Comics was featured in Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con: Episode IV – A Fans Hope and has always been a part of SDCC. People have complained over the last decade about how San Diego Comic Con has been becoming less and less about comics and more about Hollywood, and losing such a major comic book staple from the convention is a giant sign that is true.


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