\”It\” Shatters Box Office Expectations In Opening Weekend


One of the most unexpectedly frightening things about the Stephen King film adaptation of It was how monumentally successful it’s opening weekend was.

Estimated to gross around $117.2 million for its debut the movie ended up racking in $123.1 million making It the most successful domestic horror film launch in history.  And all of this on a weekend when parts of the country were devastated by Hurricane Irma affecting movie sales by as much as 5%.

So far this year only Beauty And The Beast and Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 have generated larger openings.  Prior to this weekend Paranormal Activity 3 held the record for most successful horror launch at $52.6 million back in 2011.

With numbers like these expect to see movie houses jumping at the opportunity to recycle old horror classics with a new-age polish.



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