Marvel\’s \”The Gifted\” Premiers This October


The Fox Broadcasting Company will take another stab at the comic book universe this fall with the launch of Marvel’s “The Gifted.”

The show’s plot line opens by focussing on the Strucker family and the realization that their two children were born with mutant abilities.  Existing in a time where the mutant population is still heavily disliked and sought after the family is forced to go on the run to avoid capture by the government.  The Struckers then join forces with an underground team of mutants who have to fight for survival.

Stephen Moyer who plays the role of family patriarch, Reed Strucker, claims the series takes place just after “Legion” and before “Logan,” so viewers can definitely expect to see a fair amount of familiar character references and appearances.

The Gifted is scheduled for a ten episode run and debuts October second.



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