Is Affleck Done As Batman?


For quite some time now there have been rumors circulating that Ben Affleck will no longer don the cape and cowl of the legendary Batman.  But are these rumors true?

It’s tough to tell at this point seeing how both Affleck and the folks at Warner Brothers have not revealed much one way or the other.  Team Affleck has said that the original plan was to shoot three movies and that if the studio wants to continue he would be willing to answer the Batphone.  Team Warner Brothers has stated that Affleck will remain as Batman for the unforeseeable future. Both sides are currently keeping their cards close to the vest.

What has been proven as fact, however, is that the script written by Affleck for the upcoming movie The Batman has been scrapped and nor will he be directing the film.

That role has been assigned to Matt Reeves (War For The Planet Of The Apes) but the storyline is still very much uncertain.  Will the planned trilogy be shot as a prequel so as to provide a more seamless (potential) change in actors or will the timeline remain current leaving an obvious switch-a-roo?

So what’s the answer… in… or out…?  Given the fact that Reeves has only just begun the writing process that question may hang in the balance for the unforeseeable future as well.





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