DiCaprio, Scorsese, And The Joker Origins


Warner Brothers is shooting for the stars (literally) in their upcoming project to expand the D.C. Universe with The Joker’s origin story.

Legendary directory Martin Scorsese has allegedly signed on as executive producer and the production house is really hoping that his ties with longtime collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio will help influence the Oscar winning actor to jump on board as the titular character.

Very little is known thus far but the one certainty is that Warner Brothers is aggressively maneuvering to avoid the lack luster success of their previous superhero movies like Batman Vs Superman and the abysmal Suicide Squad.


One person who is particularly unhappy with the decision to lure DiCaprio is former freak show Joker, Jared Leto.  He is still contracted to play the role in a sequel to the Suicide Squad as well as a spin off with Harley Quinn, but it looks as though Warner Brothers are not concerned with the crossover characters existing within the same universe.

The Joker origin will be directed by The Hangover film creator Todd Philips but currently there is no release date.  Warner Brother’s schedule is full until 2020, so unfortunately this is going to take some time.



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