Brie Larson Will Play Captain Marvel In Avengers 4


Sources have recently confirmed that actress Brie Larson will suit up as Captain Marvel in Avengers 4 but just how relevant her character will be to the plot line remains as yet unseen.

Larson’s role as Carol Danvers brings an exciting expansion to the Marvel Universe by introducing fans to Captain Marvel, who originally appeared in the comic Marvel Super-Heroes #13 and then later as Ms. Marvel after a fusion of alien Kree and human genetics left her with a litany of strengths and abilities and thus created (arguably) one of the strongest Avengers.

Since then the character has gone by Binary, Warbird and most recently, Captain Marvel.  Her abilities include super strength, flight, super speed, physical durability, limited precognition, super endurance and she’s immune to most toxins and poisons.  Captain Marvel also has the ability to tap into “White Holes” which grants her supremacy and manipulative control over stellar energies (basically making gravity, heat, and the electromagnetic spectrum her bitch).

The confirmation of Larson’s role in the fourth installment to the Avengers franchise stemmed from multiple sources spotting her on set.  It is highly unlikely that we will get any glimpse of Captain Marvel in Avengers: Infiniti War, however, but there is a chance for a potential teaser.

Her stand alone film, Captain Marvel, is scheduled for release on March 6, 2019.







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