Fans of the graphic novel will be happy to hear that there is a possible television series in the works that will be based on Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s 1989 collaboration V For Vendetta.  According to Bleeding Cool the project is currently in the developmental stages by British T.V. network Channel 4 (Black Mirror, Misfits, Humans, and Ultraviolet).

The series will expand on the original plot line where V, a masked vigilante hellbent on taking down a tyrannical government, will stop at nothing short of terroristic violence to eradicate the power and influence of London’s Secret Police.

James McTeigue’s 2005 feature film that starred Natalie Portman as Evey and Hugo Weaving as V, although viewed by some as a cult classic, was not generally well received by the fanbase of the more intricate comic.

Details in regards to writers, actors, production or release dates for the television series have not been released but perhaps this version, if it ever indeed happens, will be capable of catering to both sides of the fanbase.


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