Justice League: A Look at the Numbers

    Justice League 2

    Justice League 2

    With the Justice League out I thought I’d take a look at how it has been received by the critics and how it compares to the other DC and Marvel movies that have come out lately. Also since I’m a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies I thought I’d also throw those in for comparison purposes. As of November 27th 2017, here are their Rotten Tomato scores.

    DC Rotten Tomatoes

    Justice League, as with many other DC movies, has a watchable audience score while receiving a pretty poor rating from critics. If you look at the Marvel Movies in comparison, you see a different story:

    Marvel Rotten Tomatoes

    So why the big difference? With the exception of the Wonder Woman, Why have DC movies received such poor critic scores compared to Marvel Movies lately? I think a lot has to do with the fact that superhero movies come out so regularly now so it’s no longer a sure thing that everyone will go see and likely love the ‘new summer blockbuster superhero movie’ since we now have many that come out each year. I’m in no way complaining, but I would say that DC needs to step up their game and spend more time with plot/character development and less time landing big actors/actresses.


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