Why Is Telltale Games Closing Down For Good?

Telltale games ending for good
Telltale Games

Telltale Games has met its end as they prepare to shut down the company for good. According to a report by GameDaily, the company is selling off its assets. The co-found of the consulting firm, Sherwood Partners confirmed in the statement that they are handling all the liquidation processes. A former employee of the gaming company reported that the healthcare insurance would cease at the end of November.


Telltale closing down Batman Joker
Telltale Games

Telltale Games had been on the decline for the past year following many scandals that came to light. The scandals centered around toxic management environment where employees were expected to work around the clock with little to no breaks and compensation that was rather meager. Telltale, at one point, was at the top of their genre with popular franchises such as The Walking DeadThe Wolf Among Us and Batman it became too big.

With the success of these titles and the promise of other franchises working with the company such as Stranger Things and Minecraft, there were a lot of expectations for Telltale. The company was expected to churn out as many games as they could, including seasons of their most popular series The Walking Dead.

The beginning of the end occurred when they laid off hundreds of their employees in a move that many considered shocking and ‘inhumane.’ With fewer employees and the company making headlines in a negative Telltale was taking a lot of hits. Some companies either pulled funds for their projects or pulled the plug on the project altogether. Soon Telltale was declining faster than it could process.

The (Soon To Be) End

Telltale the walking dead final season
Telltale Games

In September after a huge layoff of employees without severance, the CEO, Pete Hawley, claimed that the company would not shut down. Soon after, his Twitter account had been deleted, and on his, LinkedIn shows that his position as CEO would end in November of 2018.

Several of Telltale’s titles have been pulled from Steam such as Jurassic Park: The Game, Tales of Monkey Island, and Back to the Future: The Game. Those who have already purchased these games can still download them. The final season of the popular series The Walking Dead was temporarily pulled at one point but is back on Steam for the time being. Players can still purchase the games on PSN, XBL and other platforms.

With all of these factors coming into play, it appears that Telltale will soon close its doors for good.

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