Everything You Need To Know About Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super smash bros ultimate Mario Link Pokemon

It has been a good year for gaming. However, there is still a little over a month left of 2018, and one of the most anticipated Nintendo titles has yet to release. Nintendo fans have highly coveted Super Smash Brothers. Every major console that the company has put out has had a Smash game come out for it. The Switch is no different, and Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the game, has pulled out all the stops to make Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the best in the series.


Super Smash Bros Roster

Super Smash Brothers is a crossover fighting game where Nintendo uses characters from their franchises. Many familiar faces have appeared in the Smash games such as Mario, Link from Legend of Zelda, Pikachu from Pokemon, and many more. While the game has primarily used characters created by their company, they have also included figures such as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, Ryu from Street Fighter, and more.

Part of how Smash generates so much news and excitement from fans is through the characters. Everyone wants a character from a series they love, be it from Nintendo or not, to be a part of Smash Bros. Ever since the game allowed other characters from different companies join the possibility became even grander. Everyone watches the Nintendo or Smash directs, which are shows that Nintendo streams to give out information on their games, in hopes of their favorite character getting into Smash. While reactions vary, it is always fun to guess, hope, and see who will join this vast Smash universe.

Super Smash Bros DLC Piranha Plant

Masahiro Sakurai, the director of the game, confirmed in the latest Super Smash Bros. Direct that there would be DLC characters in the future. He had included all of the characters from past games and planned to work on new fighters from scratch. The developers will work on one fighter, a corresponding stage and music track. There is room for five DLC characters that will leave fans wondering who will enter the ring next. For now, we look forward to the newest character that will be added to Smash a few months after launch, Piranha Plant.

Sakurai made sure that in his latest Smash game, every character that had ever appeared in Smash will be in Ultimate. Smash Ultimate will have the most extensive roster of any past game.

Season Pass

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Fighters Pass DLC

This is the first time a Smash game will be selling a season pass for players. Usually, DLC characters would be paid for separately. In Super Smash 4, DLC character such as Corrin from Fire Emblem, Cloud from Final Fantasy, and so on would be purchased from the Nintendo E-shop for around $5.99 per character. This option is still, and any fighter a player would want to purchase will cost $5.99.

Now, Smash is offering a Super Smash Bros. Fighting Pass. This pass will include all five DLC characters, their corresponding stages, and their music tracks. How this will work is, the player can purchase the pass upon the release of the games and as the DLC fighters are released the player can download them instantly to their copy of the game. The pass will be available upon release for $24.99

Super Smash Bros Mii Rex Xenoblade Chronicles 2

DLC is not the only thing included in the Fighting Pass. Smash Ultimate also sees the return of Mii Swordfighter, Mii Brawler and Mii Gunner. These three characters can dress in different skins, one skin that will be included in the pass is Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. There will also be some music from Xenoblade as well.


For a long time, fans have hoped for another Adventure mode. Brawl created a small story around the multitude of characters in the game and even included a way to make it co-op. Smash Ultimate didn’t disappoint. There will be an adventure mode in this latest installment of Smash. However, it is not known if it will be co-op. The title for the mode is called World of Light.

Sakurai does mention that World of Light is made more for fun rather than a plot-heavy story. There is a trailer to provide some background info before diving right into the adventure. Sakurai wants to leave it up to fan interpretations once we get to play for ourselves. But off the trailer alone, fans can’t wait to play this new adventure mode.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spirits Sonic Mario Fire Emblem

World of Light isn’t the only feature to Smash Bros. Ultimate. The developers have implemented a new way to enhance fighters using characters known as Spirits. These spirits are characters that players can obtain by accomplishing unique challenges. Each spirit gives the main fighters a boost in their power or ability. It’s possible to level up spirits in different ways and have them do other things such as collect items and treasures.

Pre-Order and Release Date

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available for pre-order now. It has been confirmed that Smash Ultimate has broken Nintendo records as the most preordered game in the company’s history. This is no small feat especially for a massive gaming company such as Nintendo. Especially when they had heavy hitting gaming releases last year and this year such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu!/Eevee! and Super Mario Odyssey. Smash is one of Nintendo’s biggest games and is set to release on December 7th, 2018.

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