Power Rangers Battle For The Grid

At some point in your life, you’ve heard the name of the iconic fighting group The Power Rangers. Since they’re debut with the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, this group of crime-fighting teens has been a massive success with the younger demographic. The franchise has created countless spin-offs with different themes and casts for each. However, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen this group star in a video game. The Power Rangers haven’t had their own game since the Super Nintendo, but that’s about to change.

On Thursday, January 17, nWay, Hasbro, and Lionsgate announced the new Power Rangers game. They are adapting the popular mobile game Power Ranger: Legacy Wars and making it available for Playstation4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


Although Battle for the Grid does take some pages out of the mobile game, nWay promises that this game will be a new experience. They are building the game from the ground up and are excited to see what fans will say once they get their hands on it.

Cross-Platform Play

It was also announced that Battle for the Grid will support cross-platform play. Many fans are now looking to cross-platform play ever since the Fortnite incident where it became available for the Switch but accounts could not be accessed between other platforms. However, the only consoles who will have this feature are Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Provides a Challenge

Power Rangers Battle for the Grid

nWay has also informed fans that while the game is easy to pick up, it will be quite difficult to master. The mobile game had a similar system, but the studio says they are constructing new game mechanics that will separate the game from the mobile.

According to Inverse, nWay stated, “Truth be told, this game will feature a completely brand new battle mechanic. Including different movesets from each character that we plan on adding to our game.”


The mobile game, Power Rangers Legacy Wars has expanded upon the multiverse for the Power Rangers franchise. The mobile game included beloved heroes and villains from the different iterations of the series. While we do not know if there will be an extensive roster for Battle For the Grid they are sure to include some fan favorites.

Release Date and Pre-Order:

While there is no concrete release date set for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, nWay has announced that the game is planned to be released March of 2019.

The game will be $19.99, and the collector’s edition will retail for $39.99. Pre-orders are available on The Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid website. 

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