The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a role for the past decade or so. The studio also shows no plans of slowing down as Captain Marvel will be the latest MCU film to hit the screen on March 8, 2019. If you don’t know Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers you will soon enough. She’s a no-nonsense, likes to fix things with her fists kind of woman. Strong and determined, she’s half human (similar to Star-Lord), and the other half of her DNA is Kree.


The Kree is a race of aliens, in the comics, they were known as Ruul. They are a scientifically and technologically advanced race of extraterrestrials. They are also a militaristic race, with a specific fixation of keeping their bloodline ‘pure.’

These aliens may not initially appear to be so — Kree look human physically. They have similar attributes, minus one fundamental fact, their skin is blue. At least those of pure Kree blood have blue skin (looking at you Ronan, the Accuser) others have ‘pink’ skin which is similar to those of Caucasians on Earth.

The Kree are known to be nationalistic and imperialistic on top of their military like society. They have conquered or integrated with thousands of different planets.

Unsurprisingly, a dictator rules over the Kree. Though there have been usurpers and the dictator in power has shifted throughout the years. The main home of the Kree is known as Hala, which may be the backdrop of the alien planet we see Captain Marvel in from the trailer.


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In an Empire that has a military dictatorship is it any surprise that there is prejudice?

The Kree have had it pretty rough in the past few millennia. They are unable to evolve as a race due to an incident from their ancestor. An ancestor attempted to gain a power known as The Crystal of Ultimate Vision, to ascend into godhood. His plan didn’t work out, and the Crystal instead cursed him and his race so they could never evolve biologically.

After centuries of stagnant evolution, some Kree attempted to jump-start the process by breeding with other alien races. The result was the creation of the ‘pink’ skinned Kree that look nearly identical to Caucasians of the human race.

Even though this new breed of Kree has proven to break the curse, those of ‘pure’ blood turn their backs of Kree with pink skin. The blue-skinned aliens treat the pink skin as second class citizens and place most in labor camps, even though the new breed is the majority of the Empire.

While it is uncertain if the MCU will go this in-depth with Kree history, there are already implications of prejudice. In Guardians of the Galaxy, fans are introduced to Ronan the Accuser. In his first scene, he is shown killing someone from Xandar as he vows to purify the planet.


Captain Marvel Carol Danvers Kree Powers
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Most Kree do not have superpowers there are some exceptions (such as Captain Marvel). All Kree have adapted to their homeworld of Hala, which has a stronger gravity and higher nitrogen level than Earth. What this means is, when the Kree are on Earth they are faster and stronger than humans.

However, this race cannot breathe Earth’s atmosphere as a result. They must usually take medicine known as ‘breathing formula.’ Otherwise, Kree use advanced technology and science to conquer worlds.

Kree-Skrull War

Ronan Over Earth Captain Marvel
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The inclusion of the Kree in the Marvel Cinematic Universe can give us insight into what the studio may be planning for Phase 4.  A big storyline in Marvel Comics is the Kree-Skrull war. This fight between the aliens is referenced in the last trailer for Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers attempts to prove she is not a Skrull by firing a photon blast beside Nick Fury, a power the Skrull does not have.

The interstellar war between the two races was over the Earth, both wanted control over the planet. They have never been in each other’s way until they both laid claim to Earth. In the comics, the Avengers got involved in this long conflict. In fact, their reputation was tarnished due to the Skrulls attempting to sabotage them in the public eye.

Skrulls have shapeshifting abilities, and to get the Avengers off their backs set up the group of heroes in a series of crimes and put them in a problematic standing with the government.

If the MCU does decide to do this storyline, this could put not just Captain Marvel but the Avengers in quite the predicament.

The Kree is not a race that should be taken lightly. They can easily blend in with humans (at least those with pink skin can) and are a technologically advanced alien race with weapons that far surpasses Earth. They also have their own army of photon wielding soldiers as we have seen that Danvers is (or was) part of that group for the Kree. Time will only tell if this race is friend or foe. Be sure, to catch Captain Marvel in theaters on March 8, 2019.

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