Not all superheroes are created equal. In fact, some would be completely powerless without their vast wealth. Think about it. Tony Stark would’ve had some serious setbacks creating his Iron Man suit without the billions he inherited from his father, Howard Stark who was a genius inventor and the mastermind behind Stark Industries. And then there’s Batman, the hero whose superpower is quite literally being filthy rich. Sure, he’s super smart, but without billions spent on his indestructible batmobile, impenetrable bat-suit, years of karate lessons, and the high tech weaponry that makes him the unstoppable force that he is, he’s just plain jane, Bruce Wayne. But still, it’s his humanity and lacks mystical power that makes him relatable and adored by fans. And it’s for Batman fans, that Empire Today dreamt up what it would be like to rent the famous Wayne Manor.

Of all the mansions that made the list, the Wayne estate has the most expensive nightly price of the bunch. Even beating out the Gatsby Manor, which features more bedrooms, bathrooms, and forty times the outdoor space. But this is Bruce Wayne’s bachelor pad were talking about, so diehard fans will be willing to spare no expense for the chance to live in his slippers, even if just for the night. And for $8,000 a night, they’ll be able to do just that (minus the whole becoming Batman and saving Gotham thing).

To make the rental a bit more budget-friendly, feel free to invite ten of your closest friends as the mansion features eleven bedrooms and seven bathrooms, spread out across over 40,000 square feet, for the comfort of you and your guests. But that is just the beginning. The property also comes with ample amenities to keep you busy and living lavishly throughout your stay. Which is great because you probably won’t want to spend too much time outside of the mansion itself unless you’re up for all of the criminal activities that Gotham City has to offer.

Bookworms especially will want to take advantage of the vast book collection in Bruce’s personal library with an adjoining museum for avid historians. And science nerds will love having access to their own personal laboratory, sure to include everything you’ll need to experiment and build whatever your mind can dream up. Don’t forget about all of the high-end tech you’ll have at your disposal. If you’re more inclined to relax and unwind, the private pool and extensive game room should do the trick. And there’s even a private gym and ballroom for those looking to stay active during their stay.

With all of these fabulous amenities included, it’s hard to imagine needing anything else, but there’s more and it’s probably the best one yet. For the entirety of your stay, you will be spoiled by your very own personal butler further ensuring your stay is as luxurious as possible. That’s right, Alfred will be at your service 24/7 and it’s possible you may even see Mr. Wayne himself pop in from time to time. All of this makes the seemingly hefty rental price a real bargain. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do a drive by to make sure the property is up to your standards, due to it being cave access only, but take our word for it, Wayne Manor will exceed your wildest dreams. Please note, access to the basement is prohibited. Actually, what basement?

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