Inhumans: That\’s A Wrap

It looks as though any plans for a follow up season to Marvel’s highly anticipated, critically damaged and fanbase bashed Inhumans is not going to happen. After massive budget issues, extremely poor reviews, questionable CGI, awkward costumes and scenery it looks as though the folks at ABC are going to forego any opportunity at a […]

Young Wolverine Movie And Possibly Tom Hardy?

Matt Vaughn, director of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, revealed recently that he had aspirations of creating a young Wolverine movie that would take place between First Class and Days Of Future Past. Slated to take place in the 70’s the plot line would focus on the early life and struggles of the Wolverine and the […]

Blade Runner 2049

After years of failed attempts at filming another Blade Runner the wait is finally over. Blade Runner 2049 is scheduled to hit theaters on October 6th and will star Ryan Gosling as LAPD Officer K.  Fans will also be delighted to see a return of Harrison Ford’s character, Rick Deckhard, despite the continuous rumors that […]

New Punisher Trailer

The latest Netflix trailer for the Punisher has arrived and it does not disappoint. Providing viewers with an inside peak into the life of Frank Castle and the events that transformed him into the Punisher the most recent installment to the hit Marvel series goes above and beyond awesome. It has also been reported that […]

New Pic Of Cable From Deadpool 2

The filming of Deadpool 2 is rapidly coming to an end and with it comes another teaser photo of Josh Brolin as Cable. The original caption for the pic was, “Oh my God, wait until you see “Deadpool.” It’s SO funny!!!” Perhaps this is a bit of insight as to what type of relationship viewers […]

Brie Larson Will Play Captain Marvel In Avengers 4

Sources have recently confirmed that actress Brie Larson will suit up as Captain Marvel in Avengers 4 but just how relevant her character will be to the plot line remains as yet unseen. Larson’s role as Carol Danvers brings an exciting expansion to the Marvel Universe by introducing fans to Captain Marvel, who originally appeared […]

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailer

Taron Egerton is back as Eggsy in the action packed comedy/spy thriller Kingsman: The Golden Circle. This time around we find the gentleman spies of the UK teaming up with their American counterparts known as the Statesman after their secret headquarters were destroyed by the evil Golden Circle. New additions to the cast include Channing […]

New Justice League Photo Shows Barry Allen\’s Lair

With just a little over two months until the Justice League hits theaters teaser photos from the film are beginning to surface causing fans anticipation to spike. The most recent pic to hit the internet shows Ezra Miller as Barry Allen causally standing in his headquarters with what is almost certainly a treasure trove of […]

DiCaprio, Scorsese, And The Joker Origins

Warner Brothers is shooting for the stars (literally) in their upcoming project to expand the D.C. Universe with The Joker’s origin story. Legendary directory Martin Scorsese has allegedly signed on as executive producer and the production house is really hoping that his ties with longtime collaborator Leonardo DiCaprio will help influence the Oscar winning actor […]

Hellboy Gets Official Reboot With David Harbour

The official twitter account for the upcoming reboot to the Hellboy franchise went live yesterday and the first images of the character development were released.  Stranger Things star David Harbour is shown in full prosthetics and makeup and the result is a way less cartoonish protagonist. Unlike the bulky, rubbery Hellboy facade of the original Ron […]

Is Affleck Done As Batman?

For quite some time now there have been rumors circulating that Ben Affleck will no longer don the cape and cowl of the legendary Batman.  But are these rumors true? It’s tough to tell at this point seeing how both Affleck and the folks at Warner Brothers have not revealed much one way or the […]

Luke Cage: Emmy Award Winner?

Yeah you would think you misread that headline, right?  But you didn’t.  Despite the show being borderline unwatchable Luke Cage was not only nominated but actually won a Creative Arts Emmy over the weekend for Outstanding Stunt Coordination For A Drama Series. Pitted against CBS’ MacGyver reboot, Blindspot, Gotham and The Blacklist, Luke Cage muscled […]