Here’s What to Expect When Staying at Batman’s Gotham City Manor

Not all superheroes are created equal. In fact, some would be completely powerless without their vast wealth. Think about it. Tony Stark would’ve had some serious setbacks creating his Iron Man suit without the billions he inherited from his father, Howard Stark who was a genius inventor and the mastermind behind Stark Industries. And then […]

Thank You Internet: Ben Affleck No Longer Directing \’The Batman\’

After withstanding endless annoying questions about The Batman while trying to promote other projects, Ben Affleck has stepped away from directing the movie. Affleck and Warner Brothers issued a statement tonight (via Variety): “There are certain characters who hold a special place in the hearts of millions. Performing this role demands focus, passion and the […]

Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5 Begin Filming in August

The multiple delays for the first Avatar sequel have made its existence as something as a joke, but now James Cameron has given a date when motion capture will begin; and they will be doing all of the sequels at once. In an interview with the Daily Beast, Cameron confirmed the sequels will be underway […]

Supergirl: Part 1 of the 4 part DC Crossover Week Begins!

Supergirl kicked off the mega four part CW DC crossover with a bang. While her episode served as a standalone, up until the end when Barry and Cisco appeared, it was packed with action and solved many of the season’s problems thus far. **Beware of spoilers ahead** The episode had it all action, romance and […]

The Final Rogue One Theatrical Trailer is Here!

Finally learn what Rogue One actually means in the full theatrical trailer released this morning! Fans have debated what Rogue One means since the first title reveal and this trailer confirms that it’s the call-sign for the team that goes in and steals the Death Star plans. Kind of fitting. The trailer is awesome, and […]

The NES Returns to Stores This November!

This morning Nintendo announced a new all-in-one version of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System loaded with thirty games that will go on sale November 11th. These are similar to the Chinese-made Genesis and Atari 2600 “remakes” that have been sold in stores over previous years, but as this one is actually made by Nintendo you […]