Here Is Why Aquaman Will Surprise Everyone

The DCEU’s next movie, Aquaman is almost upon us. One of the oldest and most notable Justice League superheroes is coming back on the big screen in his feature-length film. Based on the trailers that have been released thus far, Warner Brothers is doing its best to give this film the treatment it deserves. Trailers […]

Zack Snyder Releases Footage of Aquaman in Justice League!

While we continue to wait for the first real trailer, Zack Snyder has released a short clip of Aquaman effects work from Justice League. It’s only about a second long, but it shows Arthur swimming underwater up to a throne with someone sitting on it. Could that be his brother Orm, otherwise known as Ocean […]

Ocean Master Confirmed for the Aquaman Movie

One of Aquaman’s major villains has been confirmed for the upcoming film, as Arthur’s evil half-brother Orm has been cast. Deadline confirms the long rumor of Ocean Master appearing in the movie with the news that Watchmen’s Patrick Wilson has been cast as Orm. Ocean Master won’t be the only villain appearing in the movie, […]

James Wan (Furious 7) Will Direct Aquaman

There’s been a lot of Marvel movie news lately, but now DC is striking back by officially announcing that James Wan will direct Aquaman. Warner just made the announcement official, and Greg Silverman, President, Creative Development and Worldwide Production, Warner Bros. Pictures had this to say: “We’ve been so lucky to have worked with James, […]

Rumor: Karl Urban Wanted for the Aquaman Villain

Even though it’s not due out until 2018 there are already rumors as to who may be the villain in the standalone Aquaman movie. While Jason Momoa will make an appearance in Batman V Superman and both Justice League movies, the King of Atlantis will get his own solo adventure and now it’s time to […]

Rumor: Aquaman Movie to Be Based on Geoff Johns\’ New 52 Story \’The Trench\’

This morning Warner Brothers revealed the full DC Cinematic Universe movie line-up, and as part of that they confirmed the Aquaman movie everyone knew was comingfor a while. As the New 52 has been a huge influence in the DC movies so far, such as the Superman costume and Wonder Woman’s origin, could that reboot […]

Warner Reveals the Entire DC Cinematic Universe Schedule!

When it was revealed that Marvel would have Iron Man facing off against Cap in the third Captain America movie, everyone was cracking jokes about how Warner Brothers was in a panic over that movie’s ability to “kill” Batman V Superman. Well, today Warner responded in a huge way by revealing the entire DC Cinematic […]

Four DC Movie Domains Registered by Warner Brothers

Warner has been saying we’ll know some of the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe movies soon, and now it looks like an announcement may be imminent. Warner has registered four new domains for DC superhero movies, and while they’re not surprising based on recent rumors, the fact that they secured these domains means things may be […]

Podcast #69 – Stormtrooper leak? Blizzard tribute to Robin Williams

Today on the show, as always, we started with Star Wars news.  And in no particular order; this might be the new ST helmet, JJ Abrams reveals a robotic hand, Disney is ramping up their Star Wars theme parks, and here’s proof that there may be another Blu-Ray release of SW in 4k. Lastly in […]

Warner Making a Standalone Aquaman Movie!

Less than a week after Zack Snyder defended Aquaman live on the radio, news has emerged that Warner Brothers is planning an Aquaman movie separate from his appearances in Batman V Superman and Justice League. The Hollywood Reporter says that Warner has hired “Gangster Squad” writer Will Beal and “300: Rise of the Empire” writer […]