The Kree, Alien Race From Captain Marvel: Everything You Need To Know

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been on a role for the past decade or so. The studio also shows no plans of slowing down as Captain Marvel will be the latest MCU film to hit the screen on March 8, 2019. If you don’t know Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers you will soon enough. She’s […]

Brie Larson Will Play Captain Marvel In Avengers 4

Sources have recently confirmed that actress Brie Larson will suit up as Captain Marvel in Avengers 4 but just how relevant her character will be to the plot line remains as yet unseen. Larson’s role as Carol Danvers brings an exciting expansion to the Marvel Universe by introducing fans to Captain Marvel, who originally appeared […]

4Chan Rumors for Every Announced Marvel Film

Yesterday there was a pretty awesome rumor about Man of Steel 2 that came out from 4Chan, and today there’s a big drop of Marvel rumors. These could be completely false, but there are bits of them that do make sense and don’t sound completely crazy and made up. Doctor Strange: – Test screenings have […]

Marvel is Changing Captain Marvel\’s Origin in the Movie

Because Captain Marvel’s origin in the comics is very similar to that of Green Lantern’s, Marvel is going to change the character’s origin in the upcoming movie. heard Captain Marvel’s writer on the Any Time With Vin Forte podcast, and she explained why they’re changing the origin of the character: “But here’s the thing, […]

Ronda Rousey Reveals What Superhero She\’d Like to Play

If 14-second armbar submissions and 34-second KO’s aren’t enough, Ronda Rousey has revealed what superhero she’d like to play if given the chance. And it’s one that she’d actually fit in with pretty well. In a Redded AmA yesterday someone asked her what superhero she’d be in a movie, and she replied: “well… a lot […]

Marvel Exec Wants a Female-Led Superhero Movie \’Today\’

Last week DC officially announced that a Wonder Woman movie will be hitting theaters in 2017 prior to the first Justice League movie. For the longest time the internet believed that Marvel would be the first to do a female-led superhero movie, based on the internet’s idea of what DC was doing with their heroes. […]

Age of Ultron Rumors: Captain Marvel Out, Wakanda In?

You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the internet’s insistence that Marvel immediately announces a Captain Marvel movie starring Katee Sackhoff. Since Marvel doesn’t craft their extensive movie plans based on the whim of the internet, that obviously hasn’t happened yet. Even so, there have been rumors of a […]

Katee Sackhoff Reveals She is NOT Captain Marvel

Due to a series of cryptic tweets over the last few hours by Katee Sackhoff, the internet has naturally overreacted and created elaborate theories that she’s secretly playing Captain Marvel in Age of Ultron. Sackhoff was releasing a series of “clue” tweets, and by the time the second tweet came out (which looked like red […]

10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve a Marvel Cinematic Universe Movie

Even though Fox and Sony are holding the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man characters hostage from Marvel, the comic studio still has a large stable of characters that can show up in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Here are ten characters that either should show up in a MCU movie, or go off on a […]

10 Superheroes with a Handicap

In America, we enjoy listening to stories about people who overcome adversity even against some of the most limiting odds. Both the Marvel and DC legions possess heroes with existing real world handicaps and managed to become heroes despite these impediments. Here is our list of these heroes and what they can do. Daredevil Matt […]