Here’s What to Expect When Staying at Batman’s Gotham City Manor

Not all superheroes are created equal. In fact, some would be completely powerless without their vast wealth. Think about it. Tony Stark would’ve had some serious setbacks creating his Iron Man suit without the billions he inherited from his father, Howard Stark who was a genius inventor and the mastermind behind Stark Industries. And then […]

Justice League: A Look at the Numbers

With the Justice League out I thought I’d take a look at how it has been received by the critics and how it compares to the other DC and Marvel movies that have come out lately. Also since I’m a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies I thought I’d also throw those in […]

The DC Universe Easter Eggs in the Supergirl Season 2 Premiere

Supergirl Season 2 kicked off last night with “The Adventures of Supergirl”, finally bringing Superman into the Arrowverse. Along with the Man of Steel, the episode made numerous references to past Superman events on the big screen. It’s not uncommon for the Arrowverse shows to reference DC comics places and people, but this episode made […]

Does Marvel Comics Need Its Own \’Rebirth\’?

Ever since DC Comics relaunched their line with the amazing Rebirth event, the company has consistently topped Marvel Comics on the monthly sales charts. The combination of $2.99 cover prices and stories that return to the core of the popular DC characters has paid off in an even bigger way than the New 52 did […]

DC Rebirth Continues to Destroy Marvel in Sales

The comic sales are in for July 2016, and DC Rebirth continues to make life hard for Marvel and their publicity stunts. Diamond has posted the top-selling comics for last month, and the top ten books only include two Marvel titles because Civil War II released twice last month: 1 JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 2 JUSTICE […]

The Man of Steel Sequel is Coming!

Superman fans who have been wanting a solo sequel to Man of Steel may not have to wait much longer as Warner has put that in “active development”. The news comes from The Wrap today, which wrote this: “Despite Superman’s battle with Batman, DC has been silent on a sequel to “Man of Steel” featuring […]

Stop Wishing That DC Was More Like Marvel

Something we saw back at the release of Batman V Superman and now with Suicide Squad is a common thread among “critics” who bitch and moan that DC isn’t more like Marvel. This just makes these critics look like clueless idiots who never picked up a comic book in their lives. Wishing that DC was […]

Batman: The Telltale Series is Excellent

Today marks the release of the first episode of Telltale Games’ six-part Batman episodic story, and it’s one of the best of Telltale’s recent output. If you’ve never played a Telltale game, they’re basically a modern version of a PC point-and-click adventure game although their recent output has eliminated most puzzles. It’s not a combat […]

12 Variant Covers DC Should Have Pulled Over \’Integrity\’

This week all of the internet is freaking out over DC Comics pulling a variant cover for Batgirl #41 that referenced Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. You can read responses from DC and the artist in our original story on the matter here, but after that came out the writer of the current Batgirl line […]

Amazing Response to the Banned Batgirl 41 Variant

Artists are already responding to DC Comics banning a Batgirl variant that referenced Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke. This one by Ray Dillon is great, showing Doomsday with Superman in the same pose as The Joker and Batgirl. Where’s the outcry over the guy who killed Superman terrorizing him again? Is it because Superman isn’t […]

DC Comics Threatened With Violence Over a Batgirl Variant Cover

This June DC Comics will continue their popular monthly variant covers with a series based on The Joker. A total of 25 books will feature special Joker variants, although the Batgirl one caused the internet to have a conniption fit and the resulting threats against DC and the artist has caused the variant to be […]