Everything You Need To Know About Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2019. Square Enix has created many popular series in its time that has captured the hearts of different fans. Kingdom Hearts is one such series that combines the iconic look of Final Fantasy and the whimsical magic of Disney. With characters that are […]

Disney+: Everything You Need To Know About New Disney’s Streaming Service

Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+ is the latest project that will bring new shows that expand the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars franchise. Disney is ending their partnership with the popular streaming site, Netflix and is opening their service in 2019. Disney+ will be the new home for all your favorite Disney, Marvel, and […]

Disney Didn\’t \’Ruin\’ Star Wars, They Saved It

With all sorts of stupidity erupting on the internet this week following the directors of the Han Solo movie being fired, the false idea of Disney “ruining” Star Wars has popped up again. But for people who have followed the franchise over the years, Disney buying Lucasfilm actually saved the franchise from dying off. For […]

Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill Become Disney Legends

Every two years at the D23 Expo, Disney honors new Disney Legends and this year two from Star Wars become Legends. In addition to Stan Lee, this year’s Disney Legends include Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. The Disney Legends is basically Disney’s Hall of Fame and the actual “hall” is located at the studio in […]

George Lucas on Disney Altering Star Wars

With the recent drama surrounding a rumor of an unaltered Original Trilogy release, there’s been new debate over what Disney can or can not do with the Star Wars movies. Some people believe now that Lucas sold his company he has no say in the movies, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. And […]

Rumor: Marvel Coming to Disney Parks in a Big Way

With Guardians of the Galaxy officially coming to Disney California Adventure next year, the rumors of an even bigger Marvel presence in the Disney parks are starting to pick up. The problem with expanding Marvel to the other parks has to do with a long-standing deal Marvel made with Universal long before the Disney purchase. […]

Disney Outlines the Disney Infinity Shutdown Timeline

A few months ago Disney revealed that they will be discontinuing Disney Infinity, to the disappointment to a lot of people who really enjoyed the games. Now we know when the online features of the game will be shutting down, as well as what is happening to the non-console versions (they’re going away completely). Disney […]

Disney May Be Releasing 4K Blu-Rays This Christmas

Are you planning to upgrade to a 4K TV this year? With 4K UHD Blu-Ray drives starting to become more affordable, a lot of people are. But right now fans of Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Disney can’t get their movies on the new format, but that may change this Christmas. The Digital Bits has heard that […]

Disney cancels all development on Disney Infinity Games and Toys

The Walt Disney Company has decided to cease production on the Disney Infinity series of video games and toys according to a post on the Disney Interactive blog. John Blackburn, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Disney Interactive had the following to say: By now you may have heard the news that we have […]

4 Ways Disney is Hurting Star Wars

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012, I was actually pretty positive about it. After all, Pixar and Marvel have thrived under Disney and one could argue they’re better than they’ve ever been. But under Disney Star Wars is experiencing a lot of issues that some people aren’t aware of, but they affect the fanbase […]

First Look at a New Disney Star Wars Park Attraction

Disney has began to slowly unveil attractions for Shanghai Disneyland, and in the process revealed a new one based on Star Wars. Called “Star Wars Launch Bay” the attraction in Shanghai Disneyland will include characters, props and more from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Those in the US shouldn’t feel left out, as we’re definitely […]

George Lucas to be Inducted as a Disney Legend at D23 Expo

After Comic Con people were wondering what Disney would do for Star Wars at D23 Expo next month, how about George Lucas himself? Today Disney announced that The Maker would be inducted as a Disney Legend in the ceremony hosted by Disney CEO Bob Iger on Friday August 14 at 10:00am. Having Lucas appear at […]